The Benefits of a Straight Razor Shave for Men

The Benefits of a Straight Razor Shave for Men

Standing in front of the mirror to have a quick shave with a plastic Bic razor was almost going to be something we look back to remember.

Before it was improved upon to new vibe as we see daily at the barbershop. Of those who now take pride in straight razor shave and feel like a total nerd. More to it is what we will tell you in this post.

# 1 Keeps your skin free from rashes

At the barbershop, we have received many complaints about shaving burns and rashes. And 1 of 10 is caused by the multi-blade razor. The problem with them is that they remove the hairs from the root. This allows all the blades to cut the skin during the process.

With a straight razor shave, you get the closest shave possible. Not only that, it does not cause abnormal hair growth, rashes, or burns. You only need a few passes to remove all the hair. Therefore, it does not remove the softness of the skin and does not dry it excessively.

The truth is that some straight razors work in one pass without damaging your skin.

# 2 reduces abnormal hair growth

There is probably more than one reason why you get abnormal hair growth. But what you shave with is also one of the reasons. As mentioned above, a multi-blade razor pulls the hair to cut it.

This leads to abnormal growth of the hair follicle from the root. So instead of pushing, as the hair should be, they grow under the skin. There is no other reason for this to happen.

A straight razor does not lift the hair follicle. It cut the hair closest to the skin that is opening the pore. This prevents abnormal hair growth. And it keeps your skin soft even after a close shave.

# Straight Razor has a longer shelf life

Multi-blade razor has a short life, making them disposable. Also, their blades do not keep their cutting edge long. It does not matter how much you care for it. Exposure to water and soap causes a blade to rust.

So you have no choice but to discard them sooner rather than later. And the more you shave with a multi-blade razor, the sooner you lose your advantage!

Straight razors do not have such limitations. It's a unique razor blade for victory! All you need to know is how to keep them. And they stay with him longer.

#4 gives you complete control

Did you think you could shave in two ways? This can be with the direction of hair growth or against it. As I mentioned before, a razor has no such limitations. This is what is written in the summary of a multi-blade razor.

With a straight razor, you have to learn to make the most of it. A razor blade with multiple blades or cartridges does not allow you to make a quick transition with the grain. What if you try to go against the grain? It causes shaving burns and rashes.

You can apply firm pressure and be incredibly precise with a straight blade. So while you shave, you can slip through the skin without cutting it.