The Beard Trim is Back

For years the clean cut man was ruling men’s fashion, but over the past few years the bearded man has taken over. That’s where your beard trim comes in.

This is partly the reason why the barber shop and men’s grooming have exploded back into the hair scene.  Let’s be honest your good old run of the mill hairstylist probably doesn’t enjoy the art that is men’s facial hair the way a barber does. Barbering and Men’s Grooming involves a nice Beard Trim with every haircut. And that precious addition you’ve added to your face this year definitely needs some extra attention, especially if its your first go around with a beard.

Well ever since the beard and facial hair invaded the runways of Fashion Week a few years back barbers everywhere have been amped up for this take over. We spot a beard on every street corner here in Philadelphia. At Nic Grooming Barber Shop in Philadelphia we know what you want, a man doesn’t want his beard Trim to look manicured. At Nic Grooming all the barbers are classically trained in the art of the beard trim. The whole reason why you have a beard is to be a little more unkempt, a little rugged, maybe even a little rough. Tired of being pretty? Tired of shaving? Maybe it’s a weak chin…. we don’t judge. Whatever you need, we as barbers at Nic Grooming are here to help. We can help you grow in your beard and fade it nicely into your fresh haircut, because there’s nothing better than the deadly combination of a tight haircut and a tailored beard. We can make your beard Trim more professional for our white collar men. And let it go wild for our blue collar boys. And when you have had enough with your beard Trims, come in for a hot shave at Nic Grooming