Movember Beard Care in Philadelphia

Need Great Beard Care for Movember Philadelphia? We’ve Got You Covered

Are you around Philadelphia and need professional and great care for your facial hair this period of Movember? We have incorporated new services to ensure proper and healthy care for your facial hair in this season of No Shave November or Moustache November as some call it.

A brief History of Movember

You have probably heard of the term Movember being used in conversation or from an online publication of some sorts and if you haven’t, you are probably wondering what it is all about. Movember is an initiative formed on the basis of a portmanteau of the Australian-English diminutive word for moustache “mo” and “November”.

The idea of an event with this title was initiated by Adam Garone who is currently the CEO of the non-profit project which works to raise money for cancer by requesting men to grow their facial hair for 30 days and then have it shaved off for a large moustache party. When Movember was first initiated in 2003, it did not seem as though the movement would last as long as it has. And it definitely did not seem as though a lot of people would buy the idea. But about 10 years after it started, over 4 million people have participated each year.

The whole idea of growing moustaches in the month of November was initiated to raise awareness of health issues which are peculiar to men. Issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s suicide are some of the issues raised in the period. Adam Garome’s Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event which practically lives on and seeks to change the face of male health.

Movember thrives by encouraging men – often referred to as ‘Mo Bros’ – to get involved and the ultimate aim is to increase the detection, diagnosis and effective treatments of preventable illnesses which are peculiar to men.

The rules of Movember are pretty simple;

Start off the month of November with a clean shaven face

Grow and groom a moustache for the entire month of November

No Beards or goatees. Only moustaches

Act like a true gentleman for the whole month

Nic Grooming Barber Shop Movember Service

This year’s Movember, we are offering amazing moustache grooming services at our barber shop in Philadelphia and this service includes the treatment and maintenance of your moustache for the month of November at a responsible price.

Take active part in this year’s Movember and walk into our barbershop for a healthy grooming service. We’ve got you covered.