Umm..... Shorter?

Have you ever found those words coming out of your mouth as you struggle to explain what you want in your haircut? You aren’t alone. If you feel at a loss for words during every haircut consultation, here’s a few tips to help you know the best way to explain the style you’re looking for:


Know How Long It’s Been Since Your Last Haircut –

Giving your barber a timeline on how long it’s been since your last haircut will help them get a more accurate idea of what you’re looking for, even if you can’t remember what you had done the last time. This may sound like guess work, but trust us, it isn’t. On average, hair grows about a half an inch a month. So knowing that it’s been two weeks, a month, two months etc. will give your barber a solid starting point to work from.

Clippers or Shears –

        Knowing the tools that are most often used on your hair is another way to help guide your barber to your desired haircut. Clipper cuts give you a shorter cut in the end, whereas shear (scissor) cuts are generally longer. A skilled barber can use both tools in many ways to give you the cut you’re looking for, often both are used in the same haircut. Still, having that information handy for your barber is always helpful. If you know you usually use clippers, knowing your guard length (1, 2, 3 etc.) is also key to getting you and your barber on the same page.

Pictures –

        Pictures are one of the most common approaches to explaining what a client is looking for in a cut. But one should be careful with pictures, they may do more harm than good. Often the haircuts you see in photos online look great on the person wearing it, but may not suit you as well. Everyone’s hair texture and head shape is different, so not every cut looks good on everyone. Having multiple photos showcasing the things you like will help your barber understand what you’re looking for and guide you towards the best version of that haircut to suit you. In addition to that, if you have a photo of yourself after a haircut you really liked, that’s even better! That shows your barber exactly what you like and how your hair will look in the end.

Trust Your Barber –

        These are just a few tips, but the best way to achieve the haircut you were hoping for is to go to a skilled and experienced barber. A good barber will tell you when they think there is a better option for you than what you came in looking for. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, they will take their time to figure out what it is you like and set a game plan for your haircut so that you both know what to expect. And of course, you can always ask your barber how to explain the haircut you just got for future reference!


All the barbers employed at Nic Grooming have been trained in the art of consultation and take their time so you get the best haircut possible. We hope you’ll come meet us soon!